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Bramble Premium Mosquito Insect and pest Repellent Bracelet

I know you have all seen me post about our mosquito problem here in East Tn. Well if you follow my blog then, I'm sure you have also seen me post all the cute repellant bracelets, stickons, etc... Key word being CUTE. I needed something a bit more manly for my 6.1 ft handsome hubby. He is allergic to mosquitos. When he gets bitten he welts up so bad and they turn red and itch badly. Another issue. He has asmtha so sprays are not really an option for him. Takes his breath away, LITERALLY. That's where this mosquito bracelet comes in.

See it's definately more manly. Well actually it's more gender neutral. I like that it has a velcro snap. It has a mesh insert for the repellant pad. The pad is made up of natural oils. It is comfortable to wear with no irritation.

The oils do not have a strong odor, it was more of a pleasant smell. The best thing was NO MOSQUITO BITES. That makes this a 5 star review. :) if your interested in checking this product out you can (Here) .

I received this product for free for an honest and unbiased review


RAZPY 6 Pack Mosquito Insect Pest Repellent Wrist Band + Patch

Living in East Tn the mosquitos are HORRIBLE. My daughter and husband must be allergic, because they both welt up so badly when they get bit. We are always looking for repellants. I like to use more all natural methods for the toddler. One less chemical to worry about as far as she is concerned. This product is made from all natural oils, Citronella and Eucalyptus. They come in bracelets or patches. Both are great to use for kids. The patches can be stuck on shoulder and easily forgotten by the child. They come in green color and provide upto 10 hours of protection.

The bracelets are adjustable to your size. They are made of a soft microfiber material. They come in orange or green color. They are long lasting. They can provide upto 96 hours of protection. Neither are super strong smelling. They don't overwhelm you with the citronella smell. This is a great alternative to the chemical sprays. You can purchase this product on Amazon

I received this product at a discount for an honest and unbiased review


Kaiya Angel Little Girl Ruffled Leggings

I am ALWAYS looking for clothes for Joleah. It's a mommy thing. We always look our mommy best with yoga pants and messy buns but our children look like a million bucks. She's no exception. 85% of the time her clothes are ON POINT. 100 of thw time I'm lucky if my hair was even combed before I messy bun it. So to me every littlw girl needs a cute pair of black leggins. It's like the toddler version of a little black dress. They go with EVERYTHING, Tshirts, Drss shirts, dresses, tunics, sneakers, flats, boots and sandals. I keep a few pair on hand for Jo at all times. These are her newest pair. The unique thing about them is the ruffled bottoms.

See cute huh? They are stretchy, 100 cotton. Soft not scratchy. They are from China so definately remeber to check size chart. Jojo wears a 5-6 in U.S. sizes and we ordered the 130. It's a bit long for her but most clothing is. We just pull them up a bit.

She loved them. She played Model to help show them off and had a blast.

See they are not only cute but fun. What girl doesn't love ruffles? Did I mention thwy have different colors? No? AHH yes .. It's true they have a few colors to choose from. If you want to check these out follow this link . Don't forget to check out the rest of the Kaiya Angel Store while there. She has some great clothes for a great price.

I received this product at a discount for an honest and unbiased review


Majestic Pure Sweet Almond Oil

I have wanted to try my own DYI sugar scrubs for a while. I don't feel like I know enough about essential oils and carrier oils. The whole process just intimidated me. But I'm a wild hair kinda gal so today I decided to give it a try and done some research. There are so many different DYI recipes. I wanted an easy one. One that I already had all ingredients on hand. Searching I come across this one at Wellness Momma .

It was so easy to use. The directions were so easy as you can see. It took me literally 5 minuted to put it all together.

You can use different carrier oils but I chose the Majestic Pure Sweet Almond Oil. It was the newest oil, I had received. Almond Oil has so many great uses. I have wanted to try it for my facial eczema. The oil has vitamins and antioxidants. It can also be used on hair and nails. It can help your hair grow.

The scrub worked exactly as I wanted and needed it too. I was really impressed. I would add a littlw more sugar for a drier scrub. I like more exfoliating. I really enjoyed this sugar scrub. It doesn't sting or burn like a salt scrub does if you have a sore or open place on your face. The scrub smelled so good. I liked the Lavender scent so I added more.

These days you can buy these scrubs but why would you if they are tgis easy to make at home with ingredients you already had.

I received the Almond Oil at a discount t price for an ho EST and unbiased review

You can purchase the Almond Oil HERE []


Kaiya Angel Little Girls Floral Shorts Set

This has to be one of the most adorable outfits ever. I'm so glad my little tomboy has decided to be girly. I love shopping for her. She's so much fun. She has such a distinct little style. This outfit fits perfectly with her style. It's very soft and stretchy. The colors of the floral print are bright and vibrant. The pockets on the pants are big which she really likes. It's roomy enough for her barbies or cars (yeah she's still a little tomboy ISH ) . The pants were a little long but they could be easily rolled up to make a cute pair of ankle pants or capris. The sizing is pretty decent. JoJo usually wears a 5/6 in U.S. sizes and I got her a 130 (5-6) in this store. I loved the way the outfit just looks on her. She usually doesn't like to do the whole model for mommy thing. She had so much fun with this one though.

You can purchase this outfit at the following link

My STAR Confession : ☆☆☆☆☆

I received this product at a discount for an honest and unbiased review


O-Sip! Silicone Straw Lids

As some of you know I have a 3 year old little girl. She absolutely loves her sippy cups. She also absolutely loves being independent and getting her own drinks. So yes you guessed it, lots of spills. Because she wants to use big girl cups, lol, I had to find a way to let her use them yet keep from all of the spelling. So I have been searching and researching these stretch snap on type lids. I was lucky to get these. Joleah really likes them. She likes to pour her own tea and these are easy to take off and put on. They are made from Silicone. They can fit any glass or cup you have. I tried them ov several different kinds of cups and had no issues. They are a little tricky learning to put on without spilling your drink. They have to be stretched over the top of the glass. Once I seen the instructions on thw cardboard topper of the package they came in I just kept doing it that way . It eventually became easier. As for taking off, I just rolled them up, and off they came. These are great for packing in your purse or toddler bag. They are really handy for using at a restaurant or even in the car if you need to put on a can. I keep one in my daughters bag. These are one of the most handiest inventions ever.

My STAR Confession : ☆☆☆☆☆

I received this product for free for an honest and unbiased review

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Clementine V-Neck Womens Tank Top

I have an obsession. This is my confession. ☺. I love tank tops. I have found myself getting more and more...and more. This one is so super soft and stretchy. Its made from Polyester and Viscosa. Its form fitting, so I'm not comfortable wearing out. That's my personal preference. I'd totally wear it out if I had more body confidence. I chose the Heather Gray color. It's such a pretty color. There were many colors to choose from. I use this shirt for primarily as a sleep lounge shirt. It's that comfortable. I washed it with like colors, cold wash and regular dry cycle. No issues with color fading or shrinking. The neckline is a little irregular but I didn't see that as a big problem.

My Star Confession: ☆☆☆☆

I received this product at a discount for an honest and unbiased review

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Kaiya Angel Amazon Store

I'm pretty excited. I have been talking to a friend who has an Amazon store and well she has the most ADORABLE baby/toddler clothes. I'm gonna be getting to review some soon. This is why I'm so excited. Joleah will look so adorable in some of these outfits. I can not wait. They have mostly girls clothing. I was lucky enough for a sneak peak of items that will be added soon, BOYS clothing is coming.  They are very affordable. Sizes may vary, so definitely pay attention to the size chart. The seller is very nice and works hard to put customer service as a priority. Keep a watch for my personal reviews and adorable pictures of Joleah in these adorable outfits.

Product Details
 This Little Chicken dress is so stinking cute and country.

Product Details
 This floral print is so chic it would be great on my little diva

Product Details

 Dont even get me started on this Pink Mermaid. What fun would your little one have playing dress up

Product Details

This Pink and Navy Striped outfit is cute and sassy. I can see Joleah wearing this definitely.

Product Details

These Ruffled Leggings are gonna be my must have for fall and winter. They come in a variety of colors in the Kaiya Angel store .

Product Details
 Ahh I love this  Lacey Ruffled Romper newborn outfit. If only my little one was little =)

Product Details
This would make the cutest Holiday picture outfit. 

You can see her complete storefront if you follow this link .


OUTXPRO Bug Off Insect Repellent Slap Bracelets

We live in the East Tn Cumberland Plateau. So to say we have mosquito problems would be a huge understatement. My husband and daughter welt up so badly when they go out and get bitten. Then there's the itching and bites turn to sores. A toddler constantly digging at them and it quickly escalates to a bloody mess. Maybe that's a bit dramatic... MAYBE

I'm always looking for ways to keep the bugs away. So we have done sprays, spiral bracelets (which she just stretches and breaks) , clothing hook ons, candles etc... it's never ending. Oh wait yep and home remedies. Can't forget we have tried them too. So what's one more product.

With so many styles coming back I wasn't surprised to see slap bracelets. But these are mosquito repellant slap bracelets. They are not only fun but they serve a purpose. A rather good purpose for my family. They are super cute. They come in a variety of colors. We have the red. They look like little monkey faces. You insert the little oil pellet into the face. It has can last upto 15 days and is water resistant. These are also great for indoor if you have pets, then I'm sure your not new to flea issues. It can also repel ticks and flies. My daughter thinks they are fun to wear . They don't smell too loud the smell is a mild one compared to other repellant options.

My CONFESSION Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆

I received this product at a discount for an honest and unbiased opinions

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TICTID® M9X Android TV Box

First off, I LOVE ANDROID BOXES. They are so much fun. We have 2 now. The kids love them. We love them. You can add or download any app them from the Google playstore. They usually come preloaded with Kodi, Netflix, ShowBox, and other media sites. They are great to have if you want to cut ties with the cable and dish providers. This came with the android box, power adapter, remote control, HDMI cord and instructions. It has WiFi connection. It runs off of 5.1 lollipop system. It was easy to set up and install. Basically a plug and play type deal. I plugged it up and powered it on. The home screen is very user friendly. You have options but not too many to overwhelm you. You can choose your own settings and again they are very user friendly oprions. Once connected to Wifi you can download your own app that you enjoy. The remote control has 2 options a click and move option and a mouse option. The remote is also very easy to use. It's the simplest remote I have seen yet on one of these boxes. I like that ease of set up on these and they are great for budget families like myself. My only con with this box is the remote needed to be up really close to work the box. This may have been a battery issue or a faulty remote. It definately would not stop me from purchasing.

My Confession Rating : ☆☆☆☆

I received this product at a discount for an honest and unbiased review

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Deik Essential Oil Diffuser

I am kinda new to the whole essential oils, oil diffuser trend. I have to say though that I really like it. The oils that you use in the oil diffuser have so many health properties. I have major sinus issues. I can run this or another. Yes I have 2 oil diffusers :) no shame in my game. Any who, I can run these and use some drops of whichever oil I choose and get sweet releif. My sinus passages open up and I smell the nice aroma. These also function as mini humidifiers. They help keep a little most ire in the dry air. Onto this little guy. The Deik oil diffuser can hold upto 200 milliliters. It comes with the power adapter, measuring cup and instruction manual. It has a light setting. When you turn it on, it consistently switches light colors. Red, blue , green, etc... It also has a mist timer setting. You can set it for 1,2,3 hours or continuous on. It's really simple to use and set. It's very pretty and stylish. I like the wooden look to it. My only thing I'm not incredibly crazy about is the top just comes off. You pick it straight up, BUT there are no grips or anything to grip to when picking it up. I can deal with that I just need to be care so I don't drop it or anything.

My Star Confession: ☆☆☆☆

I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion

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