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Halfway to Anywhere by Sydney Logan

Halfway to Anywhere (Wild Child, #1)Halfway to Anywhere by Sydney Logan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“But where would we go?” I reach over and stroke her cheek. “It doesn’t matter. We’ll just get in the car and go. And by morning, we could be halfway to . . . anywhere. Anywhere at all.”

I loved the REALITY of this book. The subjects are darkish and raw. These teens deal with real life issues and in real life situations. That's what kept me going back to finish it. It was a super short story. However, I am a super slow reader. I loved that it made me WANT to walk on my treadmill, just so I can see what's happening next.

The relationship between Silas and Jaycee was just as one would expect in a normal teenage "puppy love". I could relate to them as a couple, unlike some romances where it's an instant I LOVE YOU. Their relationship was believable. The way that Silas wanted to protect her, made me love him even more. I could easily see myself as a young girl falling for my "own" Silas.

“Love sucks, Silas. It puts you in impossible positions and makes you compromise your convictions. It makes you do stupid things you never thought you’d do. It makes you blind and careless. It makes you question everything you ever thought was right. Or everything you thought was wrong. It makes you keep secrets. It makes you take risks you never thought you’d have to take.”

Once again Sydney has pulled me in with the details. She leaves nothing out. You are not left wondering. No how? why? where? Just following the flow of the story it's easy to get the answers. She has such a way with details that you can always feel an immediate connection to the characters.

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