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Kaiya Angel BOUTIQUE Sale


This is one of my favorite boutique sellers. She has great quality clothes. Joleah has so many of her great clothes. Check out these AWESOME deals !

FIRST PROMOTION When you order a baby car seat cover
you will get a Christmas jumpsuit free

Kaiya Angel Baby Car Seat Cover . Fits All Infant Car Seats . Cotton Cool/ Warm Weather Car Seat Cover (Black hot pink) 
Product Details

SECOND PROMOTION When you order the Christmas Outfit
you will get a Mermaid outfit

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THIRD PROMOTION When you order a Halloween outfit
then you will get one pair of Ruffled leggings free!

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FOURTH PROMOTION When you order 3 pair of Ruffled Leggings you will get $5 off
When you order 5 pair of Ruffled leggings you will get $8 off

Product DetailsKaiya Angel Girl Ruffle Leggings Baby Ruffle Pants Solid Color Cotton For Winter 2-9 Year(red) (90)Kaiya Angel Girl Ruffle Leggings Baby Ruffle Pants Solid Color Cotton For Winter 2-9 Year (light-grey) (90)
Kaiya Angel Little Girl's Ruffle legging-footless tights (cream) (90)Kaiya Angel Girl Ruffle Leggings Baby Ruffle Pants Solid Color Cotton For Winter 2-9 Year (light-pink) (90)Kaiya Angel Girl Ruffle Leggings Baby Ruffle Pants Solid Color Cotton For Winter 2-9 Year (aqua) (90)


Listen To Your Heart Cover Reveal

Title: Listen to Your Heart

Author: Sydney Logan

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: T.M. Franklin

Release Date: November 19, 2016


Skye Douglas has made a career out of helping brides plan the wedding of their dreams—even if she’s bitter when it comes to her own love life. Instead of risking her heart again, Skye prefers to spend her free time with her nephew—a little guitar prodigy who shares his aunt’s obsession with 80s metal hair bands.

Then she meets Caleb, the guitar teacher, and Skye suddenly finds herself unable to think about anything except the guy’s Def Leppard T-shirt and his bright blue eyes.

Caleb Lynch has waited all this life for a girl like Skye.

Too bad he’s engaged.

The fake engagement to his best friend seemed like a good idea at the time—after all, it’s her mom’s dying wish. But now he’s met someone he might actually have a future with, and Caleb’s not sure how understanding Skye will be if she learns the truth.

Then Caleb meets his wedding planner, and his entire world is turned upside down.

When Skye realizes she’s broken the cardinal rule of wedding planning by falling for the groom, will she listen to her head . . .or her heart?


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Special pre-order price of 99c



Caleb stands and offers me his hand.

“Dance with me?”

I hate to dance . . . almost as much as I hate to date. But this is, without a doubt, the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to me.


Caleb’s eyes never leave mine as he leads me to the dance floor. Pulling me close, he drifts his hands up my arms and along my shoulders until I’m flush against him. I encircle his waist with my arms as we sway to the music.

Then the most amazing thing happens.

Caleb leans his forehead against mine and starts to sing.

And I melt. Absolutely, positively melt right there in his arms.

Correction. This is the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to me.

Caleb’s deep blue eyes burn with emotion as he sings softly to me. I don’t care that we probably look ridiculous and cheesy. I don’t care that the waitress will most likely slash my tires. I don’t care that he’s singing slightly off key. I don’t even care that my best friend is going to scream bloody murder when I tell her about this moment.

I don’t care about any of it, because I’m here.

With him.

It’s exciting.

It’s terrifying.

Suddenly too overwhelmed with everything, I close my eyes.

“Please look at me,” he whispers, and because I’m completely under his spell, I obey.

“Caleb, I . . .” my voice drifts off.

Everything’s just too intense. It’s too much. And I don’t know what to say.

“You feel it, too?”

The insecure girl in me wants to ask what he means, but the woman in me knows. Of course I feel it, and I have no idea how to answer him. I decide to go with the truth.

“I do.”

Author Bio

Sydney Logan writes heartfelt romances that feature strong heroines and the heroes who love them. In addition to her novels, she has also penned several short stories and is a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Sydney holds a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and spends her days surrounded by kids and books. A native of East Tennessee, she enjoys playing piano and relaxing on her porch with her wonderful husband and their very spoiled cat.

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BestGot Lightweight Foldable Kids Headphones

Headphones are ESSENTIAL for any parent who has bought their child a tablet. We all know that there is only so much Peppa Pig, Barney, Doc McStuffins, or Mickey Mouse we can take. The latest for our threenager =) is Baby Hazel. I can NOT stand to listen to her cry when she's not tended to .  However, the threenager, She thinks it's funny. Not when you haven't even had your coffee yet RIGHT? So I was definitely in need of a nice set of headphones. We have tried the ear buds and she just can't keep them in. She loves her older brothers actual headphones. She is always "borrowing" them. They don't fit her the greatest, though. So I knew I would need the toddler size. That's my specific reason for buying the BestGot Kids Headphones.

The Best Got headphones are really great. So far I am LOVING them. They have them in Blue, Green, and Purple. The Blue and Green are $16.99. The Purple are 9.99 at the time of post. All are prime eligible so you get the 2-day shipping. That's important for our nerves. They come packaged with a small carry case. Specs says it's waterproof. I have YET to test that. They have a nice corded sturdy cord. It's not the cheap wire type cord. This is very sturdy. That's important with toddler usage. She's forever getting the wire stuck under something. The input is the standard 3.5 plug. So it will easily fit most devices. The cord also has a control that lets you turn the volume up or down. If you use it with a mobile device you can answer the phone as well. These headphones are easy to take on the go. They are foldable so they can fit in your bag/purse/backpack. One of my favorite features is that they have a L for the left side, and a R for the right side. It will help her to learn her side directions.

My daughter really loves using them. She even was nice enough to let brother use them. He told me he was surprised with the sound quality. They were really clear. They are adjustable. So using them as an adult would be NO issue what so ever. He has asked for a pair for himself.

To purchase with my affiliate link clink HERE

**This post does contain affiliate links. The product for review was received for free or discounted. My reviews are  100% HONEST. **