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Mucinex FAST-MAX

Sickness has hit the Ellis household. First the youngest, Baby Jo ( she's 3 but will always be my baby). She then passed it ( the nastiness that is the cold, or flu) onto her brother. The oldest is 19. He has his Daddy's immune system (enough said). Then dear hubby came down with the man flu.

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That's when we received this Mucinex Fast-Max Clear & Cool #gotitfree sample from Smiley360. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! For all women out there, YOU get me right? In all honesty, I felt horrible for him. This crud is awful. I gave him this Mucinex and about 30 minutes later you could tell he was feeling somewhat better.

Feel the menthol burst. And clear your worst cold symptoms

Product Features

  • Relieves headache, fever & sore throat
  • Controls cough
  • Relieves nasal & chest congestion
  • Thins & loosens mucus
  • Maximum Strength Formula

Product Description

New Maximum Strength Mucinex® Fast-Max® Clear & Cool, Cold, Flu & Sore Throat is specially formulated to coat your throat and release a menthol burst, which you can feel all the way into your nasal passages. Take it and feel an instant cooling menthol sensation. It’s cold, flu and sore throat relief in a single dose.

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My Confession:

The cool minty flavor gave an instant feeling of "ahhhhhh" I can breathe. It also helped soothe that cough when it coats the throat. It's "maximum strength" so it works hard and fast to fight those symptoms. This product is ONLY for adults and children over 12 years of age. You take a 20 ML dose, in the provided dosage cup once every 4 hours as needed. It does come with a warning to NOT take more than 6 doses in a 24 hour period. As with any medication, you should read the warnings and directions. ALWAYS consult a physician or pharmacist before using. 

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** This was a FREE sample for review provided by SMILEY 360. **