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Junpro Mermaid Tail Blanket

What is a mermaid tail blanket? It's a blanket made (often crocheted) to look like a mermaid tail once it is put on.

This particular blanket from Junpro is a beautiful color of pink and purple mixed. It is crocheted with a ruffled top trim.

It has an opening in the back for easy access to get into the blanket. It keeps those tiny tootsies nice and warm.

The bottom of the blanket is exactly as described. It looks like a mermaid tail fin. 

Modeled by my own Baby ( ok toddler #mommydenial ) Jo. You can see it's perfect for a chair or laying down. She like the chair, so that she can watch her "Tangled" cartoon. 

As mentioned this blanket is hand crocheted and super soft. It is made of a high-quality fabric blend(80% polyester + 20% cotton). The material makes the blanket warm yet breathable. It has super easy care instructions included in the carry bag. You will want to wash this mermaid tail blanket separately before you first use it. I would take care not wash it with items containing a zipper so that it doesn't snag. You can hand wash or machine wash at a low temperature and tumble dried with low heat.

You can purchase this blanket in kids and adult sizes. I'm not gonna lie. Momma has a mermaid tail blanket too. It's perfect for days cuddled on the couch watching princess movies.

If interested in more information or to purchase this item you can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE

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