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Calily Life Teeth Whitening System

Calily Life Teeth Whitening Kit – 30 Treatments –Instant Professional Results -Includes 30 ML Whitening Gel + 20 ML Remineralization & Desensitization Gel + 3 Vitamin E Swabs + LED Oxidation Light

I have somewhat nice teeth (or so I like to think). However, no matter how straight and nice they are, I'm still very conscious of the discoloration. I have always been a soda sipper, Cappucino gal, and tea drinker. To add to that, I was a smoker for many years (smoke free for 5 years now, YAY ME!). All of my favorite vices have taken their toll on my teeth. They are stained from all the dark liquids. I don't even like to give a toothy smile because I worry people will think I haven't brushed. I have tried many, MANY over the counter toothpaste and mouthwash's that promise whiter teeth. SURPRISE, none worked. I was actually surprised to get a chance to sample this product. It was something that I needed however due to trying so many things I was skeptical, to say the least. 

So I received this kit about a week ago. It has very easy instructions, so that part was a time saver. It tells you literally step by step what to do. It comes with all necessary equipment. Each item was clearly marked as to its purpose in the treatment. There is a little prep work before using the kit. Basically, you are just form fitting the mouth trays to your mouth. Be careful with this part, you can burn your gums. Check the heat of the mouthpiece before inserting into your mouth. after the prep work, the actual treatment part can be done for 30 minutes to an hour. I do it for 30 minutes. There is also a small light that you have to use with the treatment, it's also inserted into your mouth. The kit comes with some Vitamin E swabs that help with the irritation. I experienced some minor irritation but not much. The Vitamin E really helps, do NOT skip that step. The last step is the Remineralization Gel. This will help with all that sensitivity. It's not as time consuming as the other steps. 

So have I seen a difference? Not yet. I think it's too early to tell but will update when I finish my treatment. All in all, I have high hopes for this product and I feel like it will help me whiten my teeth, it's just not gonna happen over night.

Product description

The CalilyLife Teeth Whitening Kit includes full 30 treatments. No need to purchase any additional treatment supplies. Includes two custom fit mouth trays and a full supply of Whitening Gel, Remineralization and Desensitization Gel, Vitamin E Swabs and an Oxidation LED Light. Proudly produced in the USA and meets all oral and health safety guidelines and regulations. Get thirty (30) professional grade teeth whitening treatments in the comfort of your own home! 

The CalilyLife Teeth Whitening Kit is easy and quick 3-step process guaranteed to get your teeth brightly white, effortlessly and effectively removing years of staining. The whitening gel contains 44% Carbamide Peroxide and a specially formulated mixture of ingredients to powerfully remove deep stains, such as caused by coffee, tea, smoking, etc. Package includes simple to follow instructions. Instantly erases all types of unsightly stains. 

The included CalilyLife Teeth Whitening LED Light speeds up the whitening process by causing the gel to release more oxygen, which effectively accelerates the whitening process. 

The CalilyLife Teeth whitening opens up the pores allowing for stains to be removed. Open pores may cause teeth to be temporarily more susceptible to hot/cold temperatures. The Desensitization formula neutralizes any feelings of sensitivity. The gel also includes a remineralization formula; utilizing the opportunity of open pores to infuse healthy nutrients. Helps replenish natural calcium, strengthens enamel and helps retain the teeth whitening results. Includes also Vitamin E swabs to moisten and provide additional comfort to any feelings of sensitivity to the gums or lips. 

Package Includes: 
3 Syringes Whitening Gel (10 ML each) 
2 Syringes Remineralization (10 ML each) 
2 Thermoplastic Mouth Trays 
1 LED Oxidation Light 
Easy to follow instruction manual

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Diamond Bird Feeder

My little Jojo loves to watch the little red birds outside of our house. There are usually two of them. Many believe that these little red birds are past loved ones who have come to visit. Anytime we go outside to play, sure enough, the birds show up and you hear them chirping. We told her they are both of her grandma's visiting her. She says it sounds like they are calling her pretty. To a 4 year old's imagination, this means a lot. So we let her believe whatever she wants. We sadly had to have to tree's cut down that the little red birds always stayed in. We have talked about getting a window bird feeder for some time so that she can watch her "grandma birds" more often. We hope to entice them with some feed. I was given an opportunity to test the product out and it was perfect for what we had talked about getting. It suctions to the window with 4 suction cups. These are very heavy duty. My hubby positioned it in the wrong place and had a heck of a time getting it off to move. The tray pulls out for easy cleaning and filling. It will hold about 4 cups of seeds. The tray has 3 different compartments. there are two on each side with drain holes for the seed and a middle compartment for water. It has a small piece of plastic on the edge for the birds to have more of a ledge for standing. Now that we have it up and set in place, I am super excited to get the bird seed and watch for our little birdie friends to come back.

Product description

Bring nature to your own window and see details of your favorite bird species that you've never been able to see before right before you and your families eyes!

Specifications :
  • X-Large 11.9 x 4.25 x 5 inches see-through bird feeder mounts on your window so that you can watch your favorite neighborhood birds up close!
  • Made from high transparency, crystal clear, see-through acrylic so that you can examine beautiful songbirds in vivid detail just inches away from your eyes.
  • Attract a wide variety of birds including finches, juncos, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, cardinals, sparrows, jays, cardinals and more!
  • A great gift idea for parents, nature lovers and children. Even pets enjoy watching birds visit and feed.
  • Our Redesigned model offers 4 Suction cups holders, and they are placed 2 of each side so the middle is CRYSTAL CLEAR viewing. We also used a more outdoor Acrylic Material that will last double as long other brands.
  • Plus we made the removable tray larger with Drain holes and you can fit 4-5 cups of food and it will stay good longer.
  • Extra-thick acrylic is durable yet lightweight. Premium grade suction cups will keep the feeder affixed firmly on your window or any smooth surface without fail.
  • Extra deep tray holds up to 4 cups of bird seed which reduces the frequency of needing to refill. The removable tray is easy to clean and refill and comes with a divider to simplify the ability to offer multiple types of bird food.
  • Drain holes in both the tray and base of the feeder prevent seeds from staying wet and growing mold.
  • A solid roof protects seeds and birds while the extra wide opening accommodates larger birds like jays. Padded perch offers comfort and grip so that visitors stay longer.

IF you are interested in purchasing this item, You can find it on AMAZON.

This post does contain affiliate links. The product mentioned was received free or discounted for my honest opinion.


Diamond Acrylic Paint Set

I have a 4 year old who LOVES to paint, from Christmas Ornaments to Pumpkins and anything in between. If it will hold paint, she will paint it. We run through paint pretty fast at home due to all the many projects.With Christmas soon approaching we will be making tons of ornaments. So buying more paint was a must do chore. I was excited to get a discount on this set. This set has all of the basic colors you would need and a couple of extras. The paint set includes 3 different sizes of paint brushes. We always lose brushes, so this was a good plus for us. The paint colors are super vibrant. There are 12 shades (Titanium White, Black, Yellow Ochre, Lemon Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Ulramarine, Emerald Green, Perm Green, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Vermilion, Grimson Red). I don't worry about my child painting with them because they are non-toxic, that's important to me so that she isn't exposed to anything harmful. Each tube comes with 12 ml of paint. the colors are on the tube so it is easy to find the shade you need. The paint drys fairly quickly if applied thinly. We like to always start with only one coat on any project. Below you will find the product description listed on Amazon.

Product Description

Size:12 Color Set


Diamond Driven Acrylic paints offer pro-grade quality painting results whenever and wherever. Each Color features a unique body consistency that is richly pigmented with a glossy smooth premium finish.


Diamond Driven Acrylic paints are highly versatile paints that can be used on a large selection of surfaces both plain and textured surfaces. This unique versatility feature makes it possible to use these paints on wood, fabric, paper, Ceramic, Fingernail, canvas, and many other surfaces. They have ultra-quick drying time with high quality pigments, which makes it easy to use them for different art expressions and dimensional effects. So whether you are a beginner, student or experienced Artist, Diamond Driven Paints set are the right color for you.


To eliminate all forms of restrictions in expressing your creativity the best way you can or the most preferred way you want to; Diamond Driven acrylic paint set features a collection of 12 different color choices, which include: Titanium White, Black, Yellow Ochre, Lemon Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Ulramarine, Emerald Green, Perm Green, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Vermilion, Grimson Red. Each color contained in this set can blend easily to create more blended colors or many shades of complex colors for your creative needs. Produced from a collection of pure and carefully selected pigments, each paint feature a unique allocation of very strong colors guaranteed to help bring your artistic expressions to life, without hassles.

If interested in this product you can purchase it from AMAZON

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