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Fred and the Disappearing Monsters: Children's Ebook: Friends Can Scare Monsters Away! by Lynda Raymond

Fred and the Disappearing Monsters: Children's Ebook: Friends Can Scare Monsters Away!

Fred sneaked out of the house for an adventure. Little did he know that three Murky Monsters awaited him! Unaware of the danger, Fred plods along, making new friends as he goes. He meets Mr. Cat, Shirley Sheep, and Russell Rabbit, who has a magic nose! Find out how they vanquish the Murky Monsters together!

This book was such a cute little read. I didn't expect much as well it's a kids book BUT as I watched Joleah smile,  her little eyes light up, and she would point at the "monsters". It was the best feeling. She would giggle and laugh as I made animal sounds and changed my voice. She has never set through and entire story yet. She's only 15 months. Ya know there's better things than books, aka MICKEY MOUSE. She sat through this entire story. SCORE ! This was a mommy first and I was so proud. As I said those familiar words, THE END, she was fast asleep. It was the best feeling ever. Knowing that she liked this book so much is why I totally give it 5 stars. HIGHLY recommend. 

Lynda takes great delight in providing your children with entertaining books that share valuable life lessons. As caring adults, all of us want the children in our lives to grow up to be happy and well-adjusted. We want them to excel academically, socially, and emotionally. Lynda Raymond Books are developed with this in mind.

Lynda Raymond is a veteran teacher and school counselor. She has taught all levels of public school, including university classes. She has served as an elementary school counselor, helping both children and parents. She has also led conferences for parents and students.

Lynda holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology. She brings all her experience and knowledge to the creation of books especially for your children. One of Lynda's favorite activities is reading with her three precious grandchildren! She wishes all of you many cozy reading times! Thank you!