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Poseidon Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

I'm an old school gal when it comes to my tooth brush. I like a good ol fashioned medium bristled brush. I like doing the brushing so I KNOW I'm getting my teeth as clean as possible. My hubby is different. He loves his electric tooth brush. So when given the chance I thought I'd try to join him. So I got this ( Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush )

It's pretty powerful. I mean it kinda hurts my teeth if I touch the back of the brush to a tooth while brushing. Side note, using a brush like this takes some getting use to. It has 3 different modes; clean, soft, and massage. I personally found them all a bit too much power at first. The blue light lights up beside whichever mode its in. It does have a AWESOME timer feature though. I really like it. It will shut off after 2 minutes of brushing. It will briefly stop after 30 seconds. It reminds you to move to another section of your mouth.

This brush comes with color coded heads which is perfect for multi family use and a space saver for traveling. No need to pack more than one brush. This brush comes with a nice stand and charger. It's a sleek design and look. Very light weight. There also a battery indicator on the front so that you know when to recharge if needed. It's great for a beginner user of electric toothbrushes.

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Ozeri Salad Spinner

What in the world is a salad spinner, and why do I need one? Well I am not a huge salad eater myself. In fact my family really isn't either. So why do I have a salad spinner? Answer, because it's really cool and you can use it for so much more than salad spinning.

This is the ( Ozeri GreenEarth Salad Spinner) . It has a super fast spinning action with an instant stop button. It can be used as both colander and serving bowl. The pump handle is easy to use with hardly any effort. Easy clean up with this as both the clear bowl and green colander are dishwasher safe.

As mentioned before, there are many different uses for a salad spinner. Here are 10.

1. Washing and drying herbs.
Herbs need to be washed and dried just like lettuce, so throw the herb bunches right in there (no need to take off the bands that hold the bunch together), wash, and spin away!

2. Spinning excess water out of pasta.
When making pasta dishes like pasta salad or casseroles, spin the excess water out of pasta, especially tubular pasta, so that your pasta salad doesn't get watered down.

3. Rinsing and draining beans.
Give canned beans a quick rinse and set them aside to drain in the spinner, or spin hardier beans like garbanzos to get every drop of water out.

4. Washing berries.
Having a spinner with a storage bowl makes washing delicate berries a breeze. Fill the spinner with water, let the berries soak for a few minutes, then lift the strainer out to remove them from the water without bruising the delicate fruit!

5. Removing seeds from canned tomatoes.
Throw whole canned tomatoes into the spinner, break them up with your hands, and spin a few times to get all the bitter little seeds out.

6. Cleaning leeks.
Leeks can have lots of sand and grit trapped between the thin layers, so halve or cut your leeks up, soak them in water in the spinner, then lift out the basket to remove the leeks from the dirty water. Repeat as needed until all the grit is gone, then spin the leeks dry!

7. Cleaning craggly vegetables like broccoli.
Bumpy vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower can trap in lots of dirt, so cut them up into your desired pieces and soak and spin them dry.

8. Proofing bread dough.
This tip is great if you have a spinner with a clear bowl. Place a ball of dough that needs proofing on your counter, then flip the salad spinner bowl over it. Now you have a closed environment that keeps the dough from drying out, plus you can monitor the proofing process at a glance.

9. Removing water from swimsuits.
I used to love using the swimsuit spinner in the locker room after swim class, and the salad spinner is just a low-tech version!

10. Washing delicate clothing.
Use the salad spinner to gently wash delicate clothing like bras. Spin the clothing with some laundry or dish soap and water to mimic the wash cycle of a washer, then drain the water and spin the excess water out of the clothing before line drying.
Resource: ( The Kitchn)

We are a pasta eating family. We make lots of pasta dishes. I'm constantly shaking the strainer to get all the water out. This is an genius idea to use to get the water out.

First I used it as a strainer.

Secondly, I put it in the spinner

Third, using the easy handle give it a couple of pumps to spin.

Your done. And just to show you how well it works here's a picture of the excess it spun out.

Such an easy thing to use and definately consider this a multiuse kitchen must have.

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Homeopro Colorful Kitchen Knife Sets

This makes a great house warming gift. My cousin recently got her dream home and I wanted to get her something. Unsure what to get I seen this item and knew it was perfect.

This (kitchen knife set) comes in a nice gift box. Its bright and vibrant. The colors really stand out. The designs on the knifes are unique. The They are nonstick coated and are made of stainless steel. It's a 9 piece set. It has a carving board, peeler, and 7 different types of knives.

The larger knives each are 8 inchs long. The shorter ones are 3.5-5 inches long. They all have rubber non slip handles with small grips on top and bottom. These are so trendy. I haven't ever seen a set so unique like this. They really are a pretty set. Each knife is extremely sharp and are super durable le. These are definately not cheaply made. I like the pizza knife probably the best. I have never seen nor heard of a knife like that. It's pretty cool.

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EpochAir RC Flying Ball

So I got this nifty little gadget for my 3 yr old. She loves lights. I did not know this would entertain my entire family of 5. It's the COOLEST little flying thing ever. Seriously I'm not kidding. The (Magical Flying Ball) is so much fun.

It comes with a charger cord and a small apple remote. There is no instructions. I didn't like that. I had to read through reviews and other page information just to know how to work the gadget.

So you turn it on with a switch on the bottom. It comes on full force. It's so strong it surprised me at first. So i let it take off on its own. I watched as it flew and bounced. I really was amazed. IT has hand induction sensoring. Basically you control it with your hand. It trys to move away from your hand. It has a colored light ball that just adds to the fun in the dark.

It has this little yellow apple remote that you can use to turn the flying ball on and off. It took a while to figure that out. I honestly thought it was a flashlight at first. Once we figured it out we let the 3 yr old control it. She loves it.

It needs to be charged often. It runs down quickly. The light stays on until charging is complete. Thwn thw light ball shuts off.

This would make a great stocking stuffer or birthday gift. It's only $15.18 at thw time of this post. That's a great deal.

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LOVPHONE Universal 15-15.6 inch laptop sleeve

I have a Toshiba Satellite L455.

I have been looking for a way to protect my laptop especially with me starting online classes soon. I need something to carry it in as well.

The ( LOVPHONE Sleeve) is made of the super stretchy neoprene fabric. It's a slim fit type of sleeve.

It has double zippers that are pretty durable to hold up to the heavy stretching .

I ordered the black but its available in different colors. It has handles that can be stored in the side pockets.

My Toshiba has a 15.6 inch screen. I assumed it would fit this sleeve due to measurements on the listing. Toshiba was not mentioned on the actual listing. But it did mention "universal" and "All 15 inch Notebooks". It's an extremely tight fit for my laptop it barely zipped closed. It did but I had to do some major stretching to get it to zip close. Due to the tight fit I would seriously doubt I'd be able to carry my cable or charger with it. However if I had a slimmer laptop this would certainly be doable. I took a chance on my laptop fitting. It's not the best fit for mine.

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Ivation Bluetooth Water Thermometer

We have a pretty awesome hot tub. We did buy it used for a heck of a deal. It needed a little TLC but not much.

We bought one of those cheap little thermometers that float. Well the issue was we could NEVER read it. The inside would get water in it and the screen would fog and well we just never knew the right temp. So we needed something different.

This (Ivation Bluetooth Water Thermometer)
Is one of my newest tech gadgets that I use alot.

It comes in handy. I can use it in my hot tub. No running in and out to check the tempeture. I can check it from my phone inside. It works wireless through Bluetooth. You just download an app onto your phone. I downloaded it from Google Play Store.

You can set the alert for what the minimum and maximum water temperature is. You can also change the background picture. It has Celsius or Farenheight settings as well

It requires AAA batteries.

It's best to let it set and not move around much to get the most accurate tempeture. It comes with a string to secure it.

The great thing about this is that it's for most any body of water. You can use it in a swimming pool and bathtub. Mommies will love that since we all want a safe tempeture for our little ones to play in.

Such a great little gadget to have . I love multiuse itmes. Makes life a little easier

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Elechomes EB501 Professional Hair Straightner

To straighten or not to straighten? That is the question. Growing up I had stick straight stringy hair. I hated it. It always looked gross and oily. I could never get it to hold a curl or add any volume. My momma decided it was time for me a hair cut. She gave me a bob. It was not pretty. My hair went from thin to super thick and wavy, borderline curly. I went from gross to ewwww. So when I became a teen my bestie Jessie introduced me to my first ever hair straightner. It was awesome and my hair looked so good. It was straight but not gross , it was thick and had volume. I was hooked immediately and had to have one. Of course the ones back then, ya know in the 90's , we're horrible for your hair. They caused so much heat damage, fried my hair literally.

Fast forward YEARS, we won't say how many. Technology has come along way with hair straightners.

Fun Fact:
Hair straightening is a hair styling technique used since the 1890s involving the flattening and straightening of hair in order to give it a smooth, streamlined, and 'sleek' appearance. It became very popular during the 1950s among black males and females of all races. It is accomplished using a hair iron or hot comb, chemical relaxers, Japanese hair straightening, Brazilian hair straightening, or roller set/blowdryer styling. In addition, some shampoos, conditioners, and hair gels can help to make hair temporarily straight.

This technology that I speak of comes in the form of my newest hair straightner. Yes I said newest. I MAY have 5 different straightners. A gal needs options. So the (Elechomes EB501 Professional Hair Straightner) is pretty awesome.

With its negative ion ceramic technology, it heats up fast and makes your hair super smooth. It has 1 inch floating ceramic plates. It has 4 heat settings 320F, 360F, 390F, 430F. For my thick hair I went with the 430F. It heated up within a min. I really like that the front window changes colors with whatever setting you choose. It's color coded.

The red button turns it on and auto sets it to red 430F. You can press the yellow button to decrease the heat setting.

The cord has a nice swivel so there is no need to worry about a tangling cord.

Another great thing I love about this is that it glided so smoothly over my hair. It didn't snag like the others do. It took a bit longer than my other straighter though. Only because this one's works best with smaller thinner sections of hair. But the outcome was worth it.



Nice right ? Check this product out if your looking for a nice hair straightner. It is on sale at the time of post. Regular price $99.99 . On SALE for $22.99. WHAT A DEAL. Better hurry.

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Fiber Optic Angel Yard Light

My mother Judy, loved Angels. She collected them in life and is now one in after life. Her 53rd birthday is next week.

Even in death I like to remeber her on her birthday and try to get her some kind of decoration for her resting place. I was so excited to get this (Fiber Optic Solar Powered Angel). It is the perfect present for my momma.

It's a set of 2 Angels that are super easy and simple to put together. It comes with all pieces needed and the instructions.

Setting one up was a breeze. I first inserted the bottom pole.

Thwn attached the provided ground stake on the bottom of that pole.

After that I placed the Angel on thw top of the pole. She slides on easily.

Turned it on by the switch at the bottom

The Angel is solar powered so I had to find a dark space such as a closet to test her colors.

Isn't she beautiful? The Angel is made out of a hard plastic. The wings are a plastic feather type material. I think they would hold up to minor weather situations. Any heavy rain snow or ice you may want to bring inside if possible. With it being solar powered her light will shine upto 6 hours in full sunshine. Her light shine time can vary depending on where she is placed. Her battery should last about 100,000 hours, if not it's easy to install a AA battery.

This will make a great addition to mommas final resting place. I think she will be so happy to see her Angel light.

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