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SantaMedical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

 SantaMedical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

I was given this #thermometer FREE #gotitfree product for an HONEST review . So here we go. It came with a cute little pouch to protect it when not in use and with 2 batteries to insert. It was easy to insert the batteries. Once done I glanced over the manual. It seemed pretty self explanatory but I wanted to know about the features. It can take temps of  not only your Body but your room temp and food (surface) temp. You can change from Fahrenheit to Celsius. You can turn off the sound (so not to wake the sleepy little one), and it has a memory feature.  I love that it has so many features. It even has an alarm when you temp is above normal (feverish) .

 My 2 yr old HATES absolutely screams when I come near her with a thermometer. This was a first for me. She thought of it as a new toy and LOVED it. Since it didn't touch her she just thought it was so funny. This is a mommy's dream come true for any SICK child. When trying to fight them to take a temp. I HIGHLY recommend this. Another feature I find myself using is the food temp reading. Now I know I could easily just test the food temp myself but lets face it, I have a new toy/gadget so why not use it. I use it to check all of her foods that are served warm/hot. Lets talk about the memory feature. It stores the temperatures that was taken which is also great because when you do have a feverish child and the doctor asks for previous readings IF your like me I have NO CLUE because I'm a worry wort. You can just click the memory button and check for yourself. No need to remember them or waste time writing them down. Beside your too busy cuddling that sweet child anyways right? We all know that Mommies love is the best medicine. <3 .="" p="">

I have used rectal thermometer (which myself and my child DESPISE). We have used oral pacifier thermometers, but found that they just weren't accurate enough. We have used regular thermometers for both oral and axillary and again well a 2 yr old just wont use these, they don't like them and you cant get an accurate reading. We have also tried the tympanic ones ( the ear), the 2 yr old didn't mind it but I myself didn't like it. I have a thing with sticking things in your ears. I have a temporal one that was OK but it wasn't my favorite and I didn't find it the most accurate. So with that said, I have issues with ALL thermometers, except this one. I LOVE using it. its so easy to use and accurate. I have had NO problems . Definitely the perfect fit for our family. No more buys probe covers, no more sterilizing after every single use. No need. its NON CONTACT . Pretty awesome eh? If your needing a thermometer or just looking for a better fit for your family,  then I HIGHLY suggest this one. You will not be disappointed. 

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