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Eulex Secure Grip Kid Safe Universal Headrest Tablet Mount Product Review

Eulex Secure Grip Kid Safe Universal Headrest Tablet Mount

Eulex Secure Grip Kid Safe Universal Headrest Tablet Mount for 7" To 11" Tablets Including iPad and Samsung. Easy Install, No Tools Required.

• Don't spend a lot of money on, or go through the pain of installing, a DVD headrest player. The Eulex Headrest Tablet Holder Car Mount can turn your Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, ASUS Transformer, Google Nexus or other tablet into a backseat entertainment system for your friends. family, and children. Watch movies, play games, read eBooks or listen to music all on your securely mounted tablet. When you arrive at your destination, just detach your tablet and take it with you.

• East Installation, Universal Compatibility and Innovative Tilt Design

• Easy to install, the Eulex Headrest Tablet Car Mount features an innovative ball in socket design that can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted up to 45 degrees to create the best viewing angle for rear seat passengers. Once you get the right viewing angle, the tightening knob will prevent slipping or loss of tilt even with larger tablets. While other headrest tablet mounts limit the range of sizes they support, the Eulex Headrest Tablet Car Mounts adjustable bracket arms can accommodate Tablet devices from 7" to 11" including Apple iPad 2/3/4, Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy and many other Tablets and eReaders. You can even leave your protective case on your tablet when using the mount in most scenarios.

• Keep your drive stress free, while having your little ones safely entertained in the back seat.

• Durable Construction and Lifetime Warranty

• Made of durable ABS plastic, the Headrest Tablet Car Mount can be attached to either the driver or passenger side headrest in seconds without the use of tools and will not alter or damage your cars headrest or interior. Added cushioning to the bracket arms provide added grip for a secure hold and shock absorption to protect your Tablet. The Eulex Headrest Tablet Car Mount also carries Eulex's Lifetime Hassle Free Warranty.


I LOVE this product. It has made life so much more easier and simpler. I did receive this free from my honest review. Free that's right.. even better huh?  It's a GREAT alternative to  not having portable dvd players. It's shown using my Kindle Fire from Amazon. It fits perfect. It was so easy to install. Basically unscrew the mount hooks, hook them screw them back on tight. Find the correct placement of the tablet you want and screw that in tight to lock it in place and insert tablet. I have a few bumps here in there on my commutes so I ALWAYS check and tighten up the screws (just to be safe) It hasn't not dropped the table YET ! Thats a great thing. My toddler loves that she can watch her favorite cartoons on the go. It makes ANY trip much more relaxing and smooth. If you are like me and can't afford those pricey dvd players then this is a great budget friendly option. Now is the perfect time to get with all the tablets on sale.. Hope this review helps you make a more budget friendly purchase. If interested in purchasing from AMAZON you can click HERE .


Child and Baby Car Seat Protector by Grandma Pepper

Grandma Pepper Child and Baby Car Seat Protector

Product Description

- Adjustable Headrest Anchor Strap - NEW - keeps the back of the car protector mat from slipping down behind the back of the car seat.
- Heat Resistant non-skid backing won't damage your car's seat and prevents any movement of the car seat saver.
- Easy to Wipe Clean and protects the entire seat
- Front storage pockets for toys, snacks, and supplies.
Highest Quality Color Safe Non-Skid Car Seat Protector Mat
This one piece car seat protector mat covers the entire seat (19.5"W x 45"H Top to Storage x .25"D) and has a water resistant, easy to wipe clean material on the surface to protect from spills and has a color safe and heat resistant backing which won't melt onto your car's seat.
- Our backing will NOT melt onto your leather cars seats.
- Our Car Seat Protector Mat has NO hard rubber backing to cause indentations and Marks on your car's seats.
- Our Car Seat Saver has an adjustable strap to keep the back of your car's seat protected ALWAYS.
Life Time Warranty
- See your product insert & visit to register your product and you are set for life.
Protect Your Car's seat now, get this high quality Car Seat Saver by Grandma Pepper for Home & Garden

Pictures of installation into my Jeep Grand Cherokee


( excuse the mess, we has a snack of cereal) 

I received this product #free for my HONEST review. The makers of this product is Grandma Pepper. I am a member of  TOMOSON  a review product sight for bloggers. After being approved for the product , it was shipped immediately. I love fast shipping =) As I am NOT a Amazon Prime member fast shipping is AWESOME. It was super easy to install. REALLY! I just laid it on my seat placed the strap around the back of the head rest to keep it from slipping and WAAA-LAAA ! lol  I hope that's spelled correctly. So after strapping it on and smoothing it out I just added my seat back . I did notice in my Jeep Grand Cherokee I had to go behind (pull the side up) to get to my latch hook for my car seat but it didn't affect the cover in any way as you can see in the pictures. This is pretty straight forward easy to install, fits great, no problems. It even has a place to put a few of kiddo's things. We chose a couple of toys. My little girl really like having her toys there. It didn't move once installed and it protects my seat just as its intended to do. It's a highly recommended product for anyone with the need of a carseat