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About Me

I'm Angie.  I'm a Bookie, and these are my Confessions. 

I began blogging about 5 years ago. It began with my love of books. I read so much that my husband got tired of all the books around and bought me an EReader. Yep some cheap thing from the Dollar Store. Then from there I finally graduated to a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Santa thought I was a good girl! My obsession with reading came to a slow halt in 2013 with the birth of my daughter. Thinking I can totally do it all, I kept trying. I soon realized that I could not do it all and reading took a backseat. At this time I decided to branch out to my own blog and be a part timer. As a bookie I need a place to confess my inner bookie thoughts so you are my therapy ! I don't get to "indulge" myself as much as I would like, but when I do, it's like a hot fudge brownie with a scoop of vanilla melting on top. Yes ! It's that good. I want to make this into more of a Mommy blog and not just all book reviews. Last year a friend introduced me to the world of product reviewing. Seriously I can get FREE stuff for my opinions? SAY WHAT? Yes I began reviewing on Amazon and slowing building my blog back up. Today I'm blogging a little more but not as much as I like. You see I am a Super Mom. Well, I like to think so. With a 3 year old, 2 teenage stepsons, a  husband and  3 dogs, I"m a bit limited on time. 

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