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Tennessee Valley Author Event 2014

I was so excited to attend this event as a volunteer. I got to help in some of the organizing. However I will NOT take any credit. All credit goes to Kathy the event HOST from Romantic Reading Escapes. She done an amazing job. She is literally QUEEN BEE of organization. I also got to meet some of her "friends" Polly, Sally and Brenda. I love them ALL. So first THANK YOU KATHY, for a AMAZING first BIG book signing. I know you said you didn't "swing" that way but you girly totally popped a cherry =) .

The authors... OMG! I loved them . They were AWESOMESAUCE wrapped up in BACON =) (I use food anologies when STARVING) .

 I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to chat with everyone. I did get a chance to chat with Savannah Leigh. I loved her she is the sweetest thing and her little assistant was just the cherry on top. 

I got to also spend some time with my sista from another mista =) Katie Ashley . I adore this woman. I have mad love for her.. In her words.. I love her HARD.

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I got to meet so many authors that some are starting to run together. I'm so excited to go to another event. CANT WAIT . 

I got to meet a bunch of fellow bloggers. The Book Blog girls were CRAZY COOL. Shanean from Just One More Romance was such a sweet gal and HUGE help at the event. I got to even meet my gal pal Jen from Babu's Bookshelf. There were several that I didn't get to meet though =( . I did have a FIRST experience from one blogger . She Hearts Books actually recognized me from my blog name. That's a HUGE first for me. For someone to say " HEY, I know you I follow your blog" so of course I had to get a selfie .

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I got a TON of swag Items from almost EVERY author. The swag is the next best thing aside from the meet and greet . This event has some of the most CREATIVE swag I have ever seen. My swag haul took up 2 bags. Speaking of bags. Check out the SWAG BAG signed by ALL authors. This will be a giveaway item when the FACEBOOK page hits 500 LIKES . 

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BOOKS.. lets not forget them. I got 4 Signed books 2 for me and 2 for you all for giveaways !

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